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Hi,guys u can call me Imma i'm 29 y/o a single mother with 3
kids but i only have my eldest daughter with me and i am raising
her alone. I am here for a living . But of course i'm here for u
guys to have some fun and meet new good friends. to those who are asking if i am single ...yes i am... Never been married yet. I am not closing my door to meet someone but he has to be kind,generous and understand my work of living. I like to chat ,laugh,strip dance and chill. It's really super awesome to receive tips and i appreciate every single token. You are all welcome to my room so be cool,hang out ,and tip if u are enjoying chatting with me. Be respectful when u are in my room and if u have any request just ask me and i'll tell u how much. This is my room and my own rules so i have my right to talk who i wanted to talk so dont get mad if ever i'm not paying much attention to other guest maybe make it interesting to caught my attention . At least say hi when u are in my room as a respect or at least tip 2 tokens to let me know that someone is interested to chat w/ me . Posting stupid emotes of dicks, fucking gifts, cum shuts, etc will get ban w/o warning. Thank you so much to all those people who are still there for me and supporting me when i am in need and in slow days.. kisses XOXOXO P.S You can join my fans club guys and i would appreciate it so much,,TNX :)

Guys your OFFLINE TIPS would appreciate so much! Kisses!

Special tnx to MIAMDOG680 and also to ABRAXASMA,,tnx soo much!,God Bless u guys and i hope u wont change,,hugs and kisses!

**********BEST MEN for the MONTH of NOVEMBER*********

Best Tipper: 50STARS

Best Private; ZENRONIN







Nickname: immaculate0226
Site: liveteencams
Age: 29
Sex: female